Meet Martyn

Meet Martyn

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Meet The Artist

Martyn has been a professional artist for more years than he will ever to admit, we think it might be hundreds.  He works every day to find fresh ways to paint and draw the images he loves, honestly we have never seen him take a day off.  He produces high quality prints of his original oils, inks and digital images. You will be amazed at the quality of his work.

Martyn has a huge catalogue of pieces which you can buy as a print or originals through our website or you can "Contact Us" to start the ball rolling on a commission. 

If there is a particular character you are interested in and don’t see it on our site again "Contact Us" and we can help you out.

There are always more things on the way as he never stops thinking about and creating new and exciting work.  It is all he does.  In his own words “I don’t really have a choice I am absolutely rubbish at everything else.  Also if I didn’t have a way to get this stuff out of my head I’d go mad ;D”  His wife added “Go madder”...